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A holding company headquartered in Kelowna, British Columbia in Canada and making meaningful investment in education and real estate. Sanjay Laul, founder and CEO, is a visionary who champions education for all and increased mobility among students seeking post-secondary education.

Sanjay Laul


Sanjay is a versatile, highly creative entrepreneur with 20 years of entrepreneurial, operational, and managerial experience in the education sector. The extensive network of industry specialists, professionals, and fellow entrepreneurs he has formed throughout the years has enabled him to venture further into high-growth industries such as real estate.

He is a first-generation business founder who started Kampus Landing, an overseas education consultant specializing in international student recruitment, English language and entrance examinations training, quality international degree pathways in business, information technology, and hospitality management. In April 2013, he founded M Square Media (MSM), which has since become a leading platform supporting international education, establishing global and in-country offices that brand, promote, and recruit students on behalf of premier client institutions in Canada, United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe.

Sanjay builds models through common-sense insight, fostering informed risk-taking, creating cultures of innovation, and empowering people. He has successfully conceived, developed, marketed, and implemented solutions for startups, building teams and partnerships in order to accelerate business growth.

His proven track record includes mobilizing an experienced team of more than 250 professionals; creating a vast network of education agents and counselors in Asia, Africa, and other parts of the world; thinking up customized approaches to investing and high-performance management in the education and real estate sectors; and replicating his successful business model in Canada to other markets worldwide. He specializes in strategic partnerships, human capital management, marketing communications, risk management, and change management, to name a few.

Sanjay laul

“The mobility of students is ever increasing. And international students don’t just study but also live, work, buy goods, and help boost the economy. What they need is the flexible model that we offer – innovative, anchored on a globalized mindset, and no barriers in mind.”

- Sanjay Laul, Founder and CEO


Tejal Laul


Tejal was born and raised in the western part of India, in the city of Ahmedabad. Today she is based in Kelowna, British Columbia, and has interests in education and real estate sectors. Together with Sanjay, she founded Kampus Landing, successfully launching its retail vertical and developing new lines of business in coaching, consulting, and training.

Her previous roles include serving as regional manager for India subcontinent at Selkirk College, customer experience specialist for retail banking at Scotiabank, and manager at M Square Media with an active involvement in developing, planning, and undertaking tried-and-tested recruitment strategies.

Culture of Excellent Leadership

Laul Global is counting on the skills and expertise of high-performance operational, IT, and marketing teams spread throughout the world. It plans to grow multifold in client acquisitions via our country or global offices. With dynamic market potential, it is eyeing no more than 40% of revenue from one country or geographic source, and therefore a good risk profile and management plan. Empowered leadership is a key in its long-term growth