About Us

Laul Global Ventures

Laul Global Ventures is a holding company headquartered in Kelowna, British Columbia in Canada and making meaningful investments in education and real estate. Sanjay Laul, founder and CEO, is a visionary who champions education for all and increased mobility among students seeking post-secondary education.


Laul Global’s portfolio of education businesses includes the following:

Present in 30 countries today, MSM empowers partners and stakeholders through establishing themselves in new markets overseas, creating new viable revenue sources, and attaining a real ROI and sustainable growth.

real estate

Real Estate

Laul Global makes private real estate investments with the goal of successfully acquiring, operating, and running commercial and residential properties. Whether in our commercial spaces or multi-family properties, it aims to create a better place for its tenants to work, live, and play no matter where they are in British Columbia and neighboring areas.

Laul Global is a significant link between people and places in Western Canada. Through focusing on high-performing real estate assets, it helps provide a good return on investment, quality homes and workplaces, and valuable real estate options to every community where it operates.