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Laul Global Ventures

Laul Global Ventures is a holding company headquartered in Kelowna, British Columbia in Canada and making meaningful investments in education and real estate. Sanjay Laul, founder and CEO, is a visionary who champions education for all and increased mobility among students seeking post-secondary education.


Leading Laul Global’s portfolio of education businesses is M Square Media (MSM), a one-stop solutions guru for the business development and marketing needs of partner institutions in the education sector. This multi-solutions partner has taken higher education, B2B/B2C, government, and non-commercial organizations – from Fortune 500 companies to SMEs – to new heights as they penetrate and flourish in foreign markets.

MSM is present in 30 countries and has a constantly expanding network of recruitment partners, managers, and global thinkers that transcend physical distance in delivering the best in our chosen markets.

MSM Higher Ed, a division of M Square Media, strategically acquires and manages academic institutions with the confidence to elevate their competitiveness as well as financial and overall performance in the next one to two years. Its roster of acquisitions for comprehensive campus management solutions includes Eton College, Q College, Multihexa College, Taylor Pro College, and Extreme Professional College.

MSM Campuses is a comprehensive international education portal for students, parents, and agents and institutions who seek the right information with the click of a button. This exclusive student recruitment portal and other technology platforms to enable Laul Global to promptly address all the needs of the agents, students, and partner institutions in its network to ensure high customer satisfaction and its sustainability into the future.

real estate

Real Estate

Laul Global makes private real estate investments with the goal of successfully acquiring, operating, and running commercial and residential properties. Whether in our commercial spaces or multi-family properties, it aims to create a better place for its tenants to work, live, and play no matter where they are in British Columbia and neighboring areas.

Laul Global is a significant link between people and places in Western Canada. Through focusing on high-performing real estate assets, it helps provide a good return on investment, quality homes and workplaces, and valuable real estate options to every community where it operates.